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Great location, welcoming environment, cool atmosphere, and Sjaq is amazing as always!


Sjaq did me good 🥰😍 found my nee favourite barber!


Gray is super professional, hospitable, friendly, and truly an excellent barber all around who knows what they’re doing. I felt like I was having tea with my best friend. I felt so comfortable in Gray’s chair that I even forgot I was getting my hair done. Most stress and tense-free haircut experience I’ve ever had. I can finally say I found a barber I wanna stick with.


Thank you Gray! Really welcoming and friendly!


Gray was really friendly and did exactly what I asked for :)


Gray was very nice and knowledgeable. I recommend everyone going to Kindred Kuts if they would like to have a thoughtful hairdresser experience.


Meeeeega mega blij. Ik was al 2 jaar niet naar de kapper geweest en ik was best nerveus. Sjaq stelde me gerust en ik zat uiteindelijk mega relaxed in de stoel. Ik ben ontzettend blij met mn kapsel en ik kom zeker terug!


I’ve gone to Gray twice now and they are awesome! It’s a clean space, Gray is very professional and nice, and it definitely feels like a safe space for queer people. Not to mention my hair always looks great when I leave the salon! Would highly recommend!


Great cut, conversation and ultra-relaxed beard treatment. Highly recommend pressure release valve to deal with hectic daily family life ❤️.


As usual, absolutely amazing!